Referring to a person who identifies with the opposite sex given to them at birth.


A person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.


A term that refers to a transexual person working in the pornography field. Almost always a derogatory term.


(Trans Woman) A woman who was assigned male at birth.


A person, typically a man, who derives pleasure from wearing clothes primarily designated for the opposite sex.


Refers to people who may be difficult to identify as either male or female.

Coming Out

This term carries two meanings. A. Coming out to friends and family that they’re planning on transitioning to the opposite sex or that they already have. B. Telling someone that they were not originally born the sex that they are currently living as.


A person, usually a male, who derives pleasure from wearing clothes generally designated for the opposite gender.


A term reffering to a transvestite OR a transgender person.


An inclusive term referring to a person who is in the process of or has transitioned from one sex to another.

Gender queer / Gender Fluid / Non Binary

Denotes a person who does not identify with either of the two binary gender roles, male or female.

Male To Female

A term used for males who have undergone the required surgeries to become female.

Female To Male

A term used for females who have undergone the required surgeries to become a male.