What About Rejection?

Sexy TS VanessaNegativity can make you feel less than enthusiastic if you ask a T-Girl out and she rejects your well-intentioned advance. My rule of thumb is this: Don’t take it personally. You just didn’t click. Maybe she is insecure and may even be a heterosexual male cross dresser who feels conflicted about the advances of a man. Move on and figure out how better to approach the next T-Girl. As they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet the beautiful princess!

Put yourself in my shoes. To me, you might be some handsome, attractive man who is nice to look at but I might be questioning your motives. Are you genuinely interested in ME or are you just after a quick hook-up. Many men will perform the motions just to get a T-Girl in the sack and satisfy their curiosity. Don’t think we haven’t seen all that before! You guys are so transparent when you try that. If I am suspicious I will turn you down, if what I think you want is not what I am after. I may be looking for a serious, long term relationship and you might want a quick romp. On the contrary, I might just want a quick romp and you might be looking for the everlasting love match. Either way, if we are incompatible you will get politely turned down. If the T-Girl of your dreams rejects your advance, just try to flip the coin and see if from her point of view. People in the transgender community are used to negativity. They come up against it in their every day lives and have to deal with it on a professional and personal basis. It is part of who they are. They are used to the pain of being rejected and shunned and having the embarrassment of being humiliated by uncaring people who do not understand them. You can probably understand why they might need a little extra assurance that you’re genuinely interested in them prior to hopping in the sack.

If you date or have a relationship with a T-Girl, you might also experience the same prejudice that they have to deal with. Your parents might not like the idea of who you date, so think carefully before you decide it is time to introduce your T-Girl to your parents, coworkers or friends. Your T-Girl will be aware of these prejudices and might even be able to help you through it. Also, if your relationship lasts to the point where you want to move in together, you may come up against some very awkward questions from friends and family. Parents especially will ask the eternal question of when you are going to make them Grandparents. This can pose issues if you have not told them about your T-Girls personal life. Your T-Girl may not feel comfortable admitting her
situation to outsiders and may request you keep it to yourself about the nature of her sexual preference. It is worth bearing in mind that any or all of these scenarios are a possibility and you should always discuss this honestly and openly with your T-Girl before putting her in a position that could cause her undue embarrassment which could interfere with your relationship with her.