How Should You Ask Me Out?

So, you want a date, huh? Well, I am flattered, but how you ask can make a huge impact on me and my response. If we have been chatting for a while and I quite like you, I will be sending youGorgeous T-Girl some subliminal signals anyway, which I hope you will pick up on.

Asking me for a date can be as easy as you make it. Don’t fumble your words. Think about where you might like to take me on this date and plan it in your mind before you ask. Try something like “I am really enjoying spending this time with you and would love having a drink (or dinner) with me tomorrow night.” Opening with a safe of option, like a drink is a positive choice. It gives me the option to say yes and then, if one of us gets bored we have a chance to cut it short and leave. Dinner, as a second option will help you gauge how much I like you. If I say “Dinner would be lovely,” you know that I have enjoyed your company too and would like to see you again.

You can always ask me out to see a movie or a play or a concert or other suggestion too. It doesn’t have to revolve around dinner and drinks. If our conversation during the evening has uncovered a common hobby or pastime then it would be quite appropriate to ask me to share that too.