How to Treat Her Once You’ve Found Her

Sunbathing T-Girl - SEXY TSSo you’ve searched high and low, gone to clubs and bars, spent time online and maybe even placed a personal ad, and now you’ve got your eye on a certain special T-Girl. What do you do now to seal the deal? Let her know you find her attractive. T-Girls pride themselves on looking and being their feminine best. Let her know by your actions as well as your words that you appreciate
and admire her efforts. Be subtle yet sincere. Don’t just tell her she’s looking good, tell her what it is about her you find appealing. Compliment her eyes, her hair, her laugh and smile. For instance, make a witty comment and when she responds lean in and tell her she has a sexy laugh. Or tell her that her eyes sparkle when she laughs. Try to avoid sexual innuendo until you’ve gotten to know her a bit better.
Being romantic goes hand in hand with expressing your attraction to your chosen T-Girl. This is where you can bring bodily contact into play. If you want to bring her flowers that is great, but don’t over do it. A single rose can make a better impression than a huge bouquet, if presented right. Body language can play a big part in romance. Lean toward her at every opportunity, place your hand at the small of her back as you escort her to a table or the dance floor, whisper a sweet comment in her ear, touch her hand lightly as you make a comment. These are all little things that could set her heart racing. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impression. Although, a word of caution here. if she does move her hand away from you when you touch it, it could be a signal that she is not yet interested enough to let you get so personal. Either that, or she might not feel comfortable enough with you. If you do get these kinds of signals coming across, pull back a little and don’t be too pushy. She might just need time.


Little gifts are also a fantastic way of getting your T-Girl on side. I know from my point of view a little gift can melt my heartstrings! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. The thought behind itBeautiful T-Girl On Sexy TS is more important. If you happen to stop by a gift shop and you spot something you know she would like because you remembered her talking about it three weeks ago get it. If you turn up for your date and hand it to her, reminding her that you remembered she liked them, she will be so enamored! Not just because you bought the gift for her but more that you actually were listening when she mentioned it and you went out of your way to make the effort! See? Little gestures can make all the difference. Your T-Girl will think you have been hanging on to her every word and that
will make her feel acknowledged, important and all warm and fuzzy about you! Be honest, with yourself and with the T-Girls you approach. Don’t try to play the high roller if you haven’t got the bankroll to back it up. Don’t exaggerate your circumstances or your interests. It may make you sound more intriguing at the time, but the truth will come out eventually. If you get a date with a T-Girl, tell her if you are on a budget and that you might not be able to take her to a five star restaurant, but you are a caring person and you will treat her properly. Not all T-Girls are money grabbers. In fact, it is more likely that you will succeed if you are truthful about that, rather than trying too hard to impress her. If you start out with the truth there won’t be any uncomfortable situations later on.


Above all else, be a gentleman. Be sophisticated in your behavior. Be thoughtful and well presented. A T-Girl loves to be treated like a lady. If you want to impress her, take that extra little bit of time to show her you see her as one. Such things like the placing of your hand at the small of her back when you are escorting her, holding the door open for her, helping her take off or put on her coat, letting her be seated first and offering your hand when stepping down from a curb. These may not sound like very important things, but they may be of vital importance to her and they will add up and make a difference. If you are out for a meal, ask her what she would like and then order it for her. Alternately, you can let her order first. You can tell the waiter “And the lady will
have____” and reel off her entire order. Choosing a good wine to go with the meal might be a nice touch. Having a good sense of taste when it comes to wine is a good skill to have. You can tell her a little about why you are choosing it and what effect it will have to enhance the meal. Don’t bore her to death with facts about every wine on the planet though! All of these little things will make her feel comfortable, even cherished. She will remember you as the gentleman you are and be more inclined to go out with you a second time.