If At First You Don’t Succeed

Hot T-Girls and How To Find ThemIf you are expecting to go out and have all of your dreams and fantasies fulfilled on your first try, you may be disappointed. Just like anything else, anything worth having may take some time. You may have to date a number of T-Girls to find your best match. Don’t let this discourage you. Be patient and be persistent. Learn from each experience and use that knowledge to refine your search.
You will probably find that it takes a little time to be accepted into the transgender community, either online or in the real world. Remember, what I said earlier about impressions being important. Your T-Girl prospective dates need to feel you are genuine and her friends need to like you too. Even if you are not looking for a long term relationship or dating partner, but you just want to hook up with someone, patience is the key. Jumping into something impulsively can actually be dangerous. Believe me when I say that it can be very awkward for some men to break into the transgender community. Newbies, especially are going to find it an initially uncomfortable experience.


For many men, they will be facing something they might have long denied to themselves and having the courage to face how they feel about TGirls can be an emotionally up-heaving experience. They may have had feelings of guilt about it in the past and having to break through these personal barriers is not easy. I do understand! You might be nervous and, trust me, it is ok to tell the truth about it! If you are approached by a T-Girl who tells you that you look nervous, tell her the truth and say something like “Well, it’s my first time here and I would like to meet some nice
friends.” Don’t tell her your sob stories or sound overly dramatic. Just be straight forward about it being new to you. She might even introduce you to some friends of hers, or take you under her wing until you can get more settled. Don’t be afraid to try!
Know yourself and what you want and then take your time making it happen. Being yourself is the only way to find someone you are truly compatible with. Too many people want so desperately to impress someone that they will try to make themselves seem like something they are not. They want to make themselves fit into the other person’s ideal. This rarely works out and just leads to both parties being unhappy in the end. So be who you are and trust that you will find the T-Girl you have been looking for.