What a T-Girl Wants In a Man

Dirty T-GirlSo far I’ve given you the who, what, where and how of finding and meeting T-Girls. Before you go out and actually start putting any of this into practice there are a few more things you need to know. We’ve talked about knowing what you want, but have you thought about what she might want? Every T-Girl, like any woman, is completely unique and has her own ideas of what she
finds attractive or unattractive in a man. There are however, some things that practically every woman likes to see in a man; especially one who is approaching her with any kind of romantic intent.

Personal hygiene is a big factor in terms of attraction. You like a woman who takes care of herself don’t you? It works both ways. Think about it; you are sitting next to a woman on the subway or standing next to her in a store queue and all you can smell is body odor. Are you going to be attracted to this woman? I think not! Personal cleanliness is vital in everyday relationships as well as dating. When you are getting ready to go out, whether for a date or just out socializing, make sure you take special care of your personal hygiene. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Sometimes, though, things become such a habit people don’t pay as close attention as they should. So go that extra mile when you are getting ready. Always take the time to be clean and fresh. Be sure to shower, wash your hair and use deodorant. Oh and don’t forget to clean your teeth! Fresh breath is so very important. I have been on dates in the past where I was totally distracted by an unpleasant on their breath. Don’t let that be an obstacle for you. Guys, if you are going on a date, don’t eat anything smelly for at least twenty four hours beforehand. Also, it’s
a good idea to curb your drinking of alcoholic beverages and coffee. These tend to leave an unpleasant odor on the breath.

There are also a few other things to pay attention to, which can either create positive or negative results when it comes to your date. Make sure your hands and fingernails are clean. Trust me; we notice these kinds of things. Hands can be a very attractive feature on a man and if your nails have dirt underneath them, are stained and ragged it tells a lot about you. There’s nothing wrong with going to have a professional manicure done. I dated a guy in my first few months on the T-Girl scene and he was a mechanic. Nothing wrong in that job, of course but he had never worn surgical gloves when working and, consequently, his finger nails were horribly stained with oil. He admitted to scrubbing his nails every day and was so very apologetic about it but, still. Also, when it comes to cologne, remember less is more. You don’t want it to be overpowering no matter how nice your cologne smells. A little goes a long way. You want her to be able to catch a subtle whiff of fragrance that makes her want to lean closer to catch it again. You might want to keep your stubble in check as well. Unless you intend to grow a beard or moustache keep your stubble to a minimum. That five o’clock shadow look can be attractive to some, but not all. You have to decide what kind of impression you want to make.

Confidence in a man is a very big turn on no matter what your gender, preference or inclination. A man who gives off a vibe of being sure of himself, without seeming arrogant, draws people to him. This doesn’t mean you have to brag and toot your own horn to make sure people know just how wonderful you are. This will actually give the exact opposite impression. To the opposite side of this, if you are too shy, nervous or worried about socializing in the T-Girl scene you might also come across as unattractive. That is not to say you should totally fake who you are just to look confident. Remember, confidence is something we exude from the inside. I would suggest you try a sort of meditation before you go out. Some of those affirmations that people say into the mirror to give themselves confidence in a tricky situation are useful and it helps you tell yourself something positive. Just look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am an attractive and interesting man and I will be a dream catch for some gorgeous T-Girl!” or something along those lines. Really mean it. Think about what sets you apart. You’re a gentleman. You’re attentive to her needs. You will listen to her. And, you have spent the time to get to know a little about the T-Girl world so you can relate better than most men. Believe me – these are highly desirable traits that T-Girls will appreciate, and we often find them missing in the men we date. Being loud and brash will also hurt your cause. Your T-Girl will see you as insecure if all you do is talk about yourself. Or at the very least, she will think you are self centered. Both these attitudes are very detrimental if you want to win her over. Pay attention to your body language, be relaxed and open. Don’t keep your arms crossed over your chest or your hands in your pockets. You want to give off the vibe that you are approachable. If you are in a club venue smile and make easy small talk with the people around you. Treat the staff as people, not as servants. It may be their job to wait on you in that moment but you never know, the T-Girl you are chatting up may wait tables as her day job and making such a remark might not go down too well with her.TS couple

Sense of humor is another big attribute that can make or break your romantic attempts. Be aware of your surroundings and things that might make for a witty comment. Don’t be derogatory in your humor though. Making fun of people around you isn’t clever or very mature. Say the waiter drops a tray of glasses, don’t make him the butt of humiliating comments. Rather, be quick with a comment like “Oops, clean up in aisle three.” It’s cliché and has been done, but it could be a fun ice breaker. If you feel you must tell a joke, keep it clean and inoffensive. A slightly risqué joke can be good and set a certain tone, just keep it at a low R-rating. Keep the really smutty stuff for your buddies. Try to bear in mind that you are attempting to attract a beautiful and sensual TGirl and telling lewd jokes is not conducive to such an atmosphere. Keep in mind that something you find funny might not be perceived by someone else as equally amusing. People have different senses of humor and different ideas what is funny. Gauge her responses to other people’s jokes and quips. Gauge her response to yours and see if she is genuinely laughing or just trying to bat you away.
Bad manners can seriously hamper your efforts you when it comes to impressing your T-Girl. Excellent manners cost nothing, so show that you are a little more cultured. Holding the door for someone and letting them enter first never goes out of style. Use a confident yet respectful tone when ordering your drinks and food. Remember to say say
‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Good manners make an excellent impression on any person; not just your T-Girl date.

Also, curb your bodily functions. Belching after taking a big drink of your beer may be acceptable when watching football with the gang, but it doesn’t make a great impression on the ladies. Everyone belches and you can’t always stop it, but you can lessen the impact. Cover your mouth to lessen any sound that you might need to expel and always, always excuse yourself afterward.